Embracing Social Media in 2012, One Tool At A Time

I love what I’m hearing from blogs like Social Media Examiner and the like on social media trends for 2012.  What I really like is the prediction that businesses will focus their energies on the right tools for their business as opposed to throwing it all out there and hoping it sticks.

It’s interesting, I think most people have the right instincts about where they should be online, but feel the pressure to be everywhere.  Yes, everyone (or it seems like everyone) is on Facebook, but Facebook isn’t always the best place to introduce yourself to the social crowd.

I am always preaching to use the tools that are right for you, and to start with one or two at a time.  It’s ok to put Facebook on the back burner for a while.  I started with LinkedIn, Twitter, and a little blogging.  Once the wheels were moving, I added my Facebook page.  Google+ is next.

I’m not saying keep Facebook out of the equation by any means – that would be terrible advice.  But if you are more confident with the speed and tone of LinkedIn and Twitter, then start there.  Gain your confidence with social media where you feel most comfortable, then venture into new territory.

There is this incredible sense of urgency that small business are feeling to get out there, get out there quickly, and get out there quickly on every social media platform available.  No.  This is just the beginning, you are not too late.  Make 2012 the year you embrace social media with one or two tools, and become a pro.  Have fun with it!

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